About MyTechTalky

Hola Amigos!

I am Sunny Bundel.

I am a full-time blogger, developer, and affiliate marketer.

I help people to establish their business online and to generate income from it.

I was working as a freelance for over 5 years and built various websites for many companies and helped them to get ranked in Google.

I recently established ‘MyTechTalky’ in December 2019, so that I can expand my knowledge and help more people out there. Here You will learn about how to start a blog, all about SEO, and how to make money online.

All I learned so far is through various tutorial blogs and videos, so I decided to give back to the blogging community.

So here at MyTechTalky, I will provide the best possible tutorials for all the new bloggers, programmers, and developers out there, who want to learn how to make a blog and generate thousands of visitors to your blog…

You can quickly learn a lot of things about the latest technologies, latest SEO updates, and various Blogging tips for helping you to rank your blog or website easily in any Search Engine.

…and of course, I will share various ways of how a blogger can make a full-time income from his blog without wasting 10-12hours in a day like in those typical jobs.

Tools used to Build MyTechTalky?

If you are curious about blogging and wanted to know what are the various things I used to make my blog so yes I am happy to reveal all about it.

Apart from the blog, you will also find various designed tools such as WordPress Theme Detector, Image Optimizer,  404 link checker, DA PA checker which I created, and compiled them at the same place with my blog so that any blogger can use them to ease their work.

So, the blog on MyTechTalky is developed using WordPress and GeneratePress as a theme and various plugins I used are RankMath SEO, WP-Optimize, etc., and the tools are developed using various frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, etc, and programming languages such as PHP, MYSQL, javascript, jQuery, etc.

If you want to contribute on our website by sharing your testimonial or creating a Guest Post to be listed on our site, then you can use the contact form here to submit the same.

MyTechTalky is designed to introduce you with the best blogging tips and tricks currently available in the market and help you rank and optimize your blog.
All the information which is published on our website is collected through independent testing and research and the data is being verified through consultation with reliable sources.
We constantly update the content on our website, keeping it fresh and relevant to our readers at all times.

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